Five Great Small Balcony Design Ideas

Your small balcony could be a perfect place for a cosy breakfast nook, romantic date night, weekend alfresco meal or ‘me time’.

Here’s a list of 5 balcony ideas for small spaces that can add the aesthetic vibe of your choice to even a cramped balcony in a rented place.

Whimsical Bohemian Touch

You can bring in the Boho-chic vibe in your small balcony garden design with a hanging chair, patterned rugs, fabric canopy, a string of fairy lights, dream catchers and DIY macramé art.

Large potted plants like the Snake plant, Rubber plant or a Bamboo shade wall adds to the earthy natural element. The monotonous terracotta pots can be repurposed into brightly coloured planters in a Bohemian colour palette.

Minimalistic – Keeping it Simple

A minimalistic balcony garden idea opens up the available space with the use of fewer details. A rug with a simple print can make your balcony appear roomier when paired with space-saving furniture like foldable coffee tables, butterfly chairs and bold pendant lights. 

A vertical garden with planters in nesting tables can add an exciting dimension to the small balcony.  Plants like Ficus fig and Jade can help maintain the character of a minimalistic balcony garden.

Hygge Coziness

Hygge is a Danish way of lifestyle that centres on cosiness and comfort. Balcony garden ideas with elements like floor pillows, soft rugs, throw blankets; bookshelf, and scented candles on a coffee table can help establish the Hygge vibe.

Brightly flowering plants like Begonias, Pansies and Summer Roses on a balcony rail planter will not only save space but also remind you of feeling gratitude for the joy of little things, which is a predominant part of the Hygge lifestyle. A herb garden with plants like Basil, Tulsi and Mint is the final touch of fragrance that your small balcony needs.

The Zen Garden

Zen gardens have been gaining popularity under-balcony ideas for small spaces. Think along the lines of a peaceful Buddha statue or any spiritual art piece with some natural elements like a terracotta wind chime, pebbles or coloured sand in a shallow box.

The plants that go well with a Zen garden vibe are Cactus like Bunny ear & Pincushion and Succulents like Haworthia and Gasteria.  Add a meditation mat, and your own small balcony Zen garden is ready!

A Tropical Green Haven

Turning your small balcony into a tropical dream bubble where you can calm yourself at the end of a stressful day is very easy.  The light and bright tropical vibe that focuses on ease and utility can be achieved with an artificial grass rug, wooden storage box cum bench, and rustic lanterns.

A Pothos or English Ivy in hanging pots, a living green wall with herbs and creeper vines and flowering plants like Marigold, Adenium and Bougainvilleas can bring the tropical vibe to your balcony.

Choosing the right outdoor weatherproof materials and plants based on the local humidity levels and how much natural light your balcony receives are the main challenges in implementing your small balcony garden design.

Online Nursery Plants is a one-stop destination for all your small balcony garden needs. From exotic Cactus to magical Succulents to designer Heworthias, we’ve got you covered to the quirky ceramic planters.

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Five Great Small Balcony Design Ideas

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