Frequently Asked Questions

Payment / Refund / Cancellation

Order Cancellation

Once an order has been confirmed, it can not be cancelled or refunded but exchanged we provide if the in same category of product .

Return / Exchange

After delivery, OnlineNurseryplants does not offer a product return or exchange policy.


You will receive a refund into the source account within 7-10 days after cancelling your order if you paid by credit card, debit card, net banking, or payTM. If you paid via wallet balance, you will receive an immediate refund after your order is cancelled, which you may then transfer to your bank account by contacting your wallet service provider staff.

My Payment Has Been Debited Multiple Times

We apologise for the multiple debits on your account. The extra money deducted from your bank/credit card account will be returned automatically.

 The time it takes to receive a refund is determined by the method of payment:
– Online Refund: 7 to 10 business days
– PhonePe Wallet: 1 to 3 business days”

Login / Orders

Why my account is locked ?

If there are too many failed login attempts to your account, will lock it for a period of time. This is for the security of your account. By resetting your password, you should be able to regain access to your account.

When will I receive my order?

Your order will be dispatch within 5 to 7 working days after your transaction has been confirmed. You’ll also get an order tracking number so you can keep track of your package.

Offers / Cashback Coupons

I did not recieve any cashback voucher?

We apologizes for the trouble this has caused you; your cashback coupon will be mailed to you within 7 days of delivery.

What if my wallet balance is not enough to pay for my order?

You can pay a portion of the bill with your wallet and the rest with any other prepaid payment method, such as credit/debit cards, OnlineNurseryPlants gift cards, or netbanking. Please keep in mind that wallet and bank offers will not be valid for partial wallet payments.