Order Tracking

Order Status

In Order Tracking/History under Orders, you can review the status of your order. Here’s what each status means:

  • On hold — Your order is awaiting review by our sales team.
  • In progress — None of the shippable or non-shippable order line items have been shipped or invoiced.
  • In configuration lab — One or more of the order line items is in the lab awaiting configuration.
  • Lab complete — The lab finished configuring the line items that needed configuration.
  • Preparing for shipment — The order line item is out of the lab and should ship tonight.
  • Partially shipped — One or more of the order line items have been prepared to ship or are on route, but more items are still waiting to be shipped.
  • Complete — All line items in the order have been fully shipped, and the order is completely invoiced.

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